Tuesday, 27 September 2011

80 miles of shells

We spent the last few days at 80 Mile Beach. Despite the smell of the fishiness going around it was amazing.

We went fishing, we went for long walks on the beach that caused a lot of itchiness, we collected lots of shells, we got given shells and shell wind chimes and little shell sculptors and fish that people didn't have the room to store and jazzy caught a fish!!!!!!

We talked about shells and all the funny names they had and why they have those names. One of my favorite was this little one below, we didn't catch the name of it.

Dad's favorite was the coloured fans, Mum's was the cowrie shells that loop over, Jazzy's was well any coloured, pretty or fancy ones and Pepper's was a huge trumpet shell that we got given.

We love 80 mile beach. We love the shells, the people there, the beautiful sun set, the fishing and the beach.


  1. oh wow! so many different shapes and sizes and varieties!
    i hope they travel home safely with you :D

  2. i think your collection of shells is the most beautiful one I've ever seen. xo

  3. Indi, I thinks it's amazing that at the top of Australia where you are, grass grows upside down, i.e. from the top downwards.
    Ho, ho, ho.
    PS Great photos of wonderful shells, though.

  4. oh indi, those shells are wonderful! I love the spiral shells and that white and brown one that you liked. I cant believe that you found/got all those shells.

    love from Eva

  5. What a beautiful collection! Each shell is like the sea creature's own caravan. xx