Saturday, 3 September 2011

midnight magic

Last night I went for a walk around the caravan park to see if there was anything interesting. It was Friday night so everybody was celebrating and watching the footie so no one noticed me taking photos.

It was amazing, so many fairy lights and lights and glitter and sparkles and other peoples junk.

I don't know if you can tell but this is a tree. We tried guessing how they did it. Jazzy thought they were people who were staying for a long time and climbed the tree to put fairy lights on it.

Mum thought it was a disco lights, then Dad came up with it a projector. We asked the caravan next to the tree and sure enough it was. We stood in front of the projector and we were glowing, it was awesome.

Then we came home and Frankie Blue, our caravan, had nothing. Not one fairy light or anything. Just the glowing from Pepper and Jazzy watching a movie and Dad and Mum on phones. You have got to admit it still looked pretty awesome though next to the moon.

We are now trying to convince Mum and Dad we need fairy lights too.

p.s. Thanks Nic for the fantastic banner.


  1. You guys are right , you totally need some fairy lights!
    Though I love the shot of moon with Frankie Blue.
    Awesome pics and post Indi xo
    PS if you need to me to work on your ma re the fairy lights, i'm up for it.x

  2. hehee, I was thinking her mum wouldn't be into fairy lights Jess even if they do look very cool.

    great pics Indi, lovely to see your trip through your eyes aswell as your mums.

    sleep tight ♥

  3. 'Midnight', Indi? Your parents are slacko.
    PS I like the new banner header. It's much better than the previous one.

  4. I love the idea of fairy lights too... but a nice homey glow is always pretty special, and I love that your caravan has that.
    Great photos!

  5. Time to get some fairy lights at the next oppy - they look very festive! Glad you like the banner - my pleasure!

  6. Look at your fancy banner! Love it!

    I laughed at your comment about mum and dad on their phones! our house is like that too sometimes.